I N T O  S I L E N C E .  R E L E A S E  D A T E  0 8 . 2 5 . 2 0 1 7  O N  I N N O V A  R E C O R D I N G S

C O N T I N U U M  

Released on innova Recordings in 2015, distributed worldwide by Naxos and performed by Decoda -- the first ever Affiliate Ensemble of Carnegie Hall -- these four world premiere recordings of chamber works explore terrain as disparate as the cyclic nature of the ocean’s tides, our relationship to space and memory, and deep connections to place. Continuum was named WQXR Q2 Music's Album of the Week. Doyle Armbrust of Q2 Music wrote: "Continuum is a font of wistfulness and melancholic beauty...the success of Cornish's creations lies in the organic, almost improvisatory-sounding air of these fluctuating harmonies and iridescent arpeggiations". Classical-Modern Music Review wrote that Continuum creates "...memorably poignant sound structures...with a haunting spatiality, and a primal yet complex sense of sound".


Jane Antonia's debut solo classical album was released on the Delos label in 2014 and distributed worldwide by Naxos. Duende was met with wide critical acclaim. The American Record Guide described the album as “a program of bold, thoughtful, mesmerizing chamber music”. Duende, for piano trio, takes its title from Federico Garcia Lorca’s prose collection "In Search of Duende". “Duende” in Spanish refers to a certain artistic authenticity; for Lorca, “Everything that has black sounds in it has duende.” The Lee Trio (Lisa Lee, Angela Lee, and Melinda Lee-Masur), an ensemble of sisters whose performances have moved audiences worldwide with their “gripping immediacy and freshness” and “rich palette of tone colours” (The Strad) commissioned the work.