"Her music is patient, virtuosic, and mesmerizing". Tom Schnabel, KCRW.

"A virtual blessing in a world gone mad". ICON Magazine

"Continuum unfolds with wistfulness and melancholic beauty". Doyle Armbrust, WQXR.

“Unappeased yearning” with a “tender earthbound comfort”. John Schaefer, WNYC-FM.

“Beautiful”. Elizabeth Alker, BBC Radio 3.

"...sonorously delightful world...Instead of swimming we are bound to simply float". Christian Gentry, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN.

“…music that truly feels timeless and unbound, the kind that nourishes the soul and restores a sense of wonder”. Stationary Travels.

“…the sound is transcendent. Notes seem to dally in the air pregnant with silence. Phrases are strung together like necklaces of pearls magnificent in their crystalline polyphonic clarity.” World Music Report.

"...memorably poignant sound structures...with a haunting spatiality, and a primal yet complex sense of sound". Classical-Modern Music Review.

"The music is deeply quiet and stunningly beautiful". CD Hotlist.

“The audience was immediately plunged into a dense sound world, mesmerizing in its intensity…Sensitively conducted by Ken-David Masur, the ethereal three movement work held the audience in absolute stillness at its conclusion. This was the World Premiere performance of Seascapes. May it have a long and happy life.” Broadway World.